new CV June 2021

For those who might be interested in my credentials and expertise, attached here is my CV with list of publications:

Leszczynski Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications June 2021

A brief summary about myself:


Education: DSc Molecular Biology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland (1983); PhD Biochemistry/Cell Biology, University of Helsinki, Finland (1990); Docent of Biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland (1992);

Currently retired but continuing as: Adjunct Professor (Docent), University of Helsinki, Finland (1992-present);

Past: Research Professor at Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Helsinki, Finland (2000-2013); Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA (1997-99), Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China (2006-09), Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn/Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (2012-13)

Editorial experience: Chief Editor of ‘Radiation and Health’ specialty for Frontiers in Public Health (2014-  ); Associate Editor Bioelectromagnetics (2006-10); Guest Editor Proteomics (2006); Book Editor Springer (2012-13)

Accomplished and acknowledged expert ready for consulting: expert in research on biological/health effects of mobile phone radiation; 2003 WHO expert in revision of research agenda; 2007 expert presenting for the US National Academies; 2009 testified in US Senate hearing; 2011 IARC expert in classification of cell phone radiation carcinogenicity; Chaired WHO/Cost281/STUK workshops on stress response (Apr’2004) and on proteomics & transcriptomics (Oct’2005); Chaired TPC BioEM 2009, Davos, Switzerland & 2010 BEMS Seoul, S. Korea; Steering Committee of the Swiss National Science Foundation program on cell phones; Chaired Task Group on HTST in EMF research (EU COST BM0704 Action).

My research group studied regulation of cellular stress response and used high-throughput screening methods of transcriptomics and proteomics to identify genes and proteins affected by mobile phone radiation. Thereafter, cellular processes regulated by the identified genes/proteins were examined using classical cell biology methods to determine whether the observed changes in gene/protein expression/activity may have any impact on cell or tissue physiology.

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  1. I admire your research and the danger of radation so many eagerly stick to their ears and the waves around us… i know that low frequency sounds such as bass music attacks my wellbeing and i was literally driven out of my house by the addicts, both by the noise and threats to my life. I rarely use these devices myself and have a huge concern of this 5g. I have been fighting stage 4 cancer myself…keep up the fight

  2. Thank you for all the excellent information.

    I have questions for you, but unfortunately these questions rely on a rather lengthy preamble, so, while I fully appreciate that you are a busy person, I ask that you please bear with me.

    I am shocked and amazed that someone with your level of knowledge on the subject of EMR potential for harm, continues to put themselves in harm’s way by using this polluting technology as you claim in the footnote to your web articles.

    I discovered that I was EHS when the first pre-release Wireless Router landed on my desk in late 1999/early 2000, and I was tasked with being the senior technical support escalation engineer for the Asia Pacific region for the multinational network equipment manufacturer I was working with at the time. I nearly lost a $75,000 per year job over the fact that I could not work with wireless technology, but at that time there was no knowledge of maladies such EHS.

    I cannot use a mobile phone for more than a few minutes per session and that is only when it is on speaker phone. We have only cabled connections on our DSL connected network at home and all wireless functionality in the modem has been disabled using the modems management.

    Sadly, in line with what some have suggested regarding the cumulative effect, I have found that my EHS has got worse over the years. This was probably as a result of many years of living in the blissful ignorance of the dangers until recently with the convenience of a DECT phone inside our all metal dwelling (Faraday Cage), in addition to having our 3G mobile phones switched on inside (no longer). We recently disposed of our DECT phones and now have a cabled land-line phone.

    Based on a search for “Schumann” on your website at, I may be wrong in assuming that you have little knowledge / regard of the Schumann Resonance – the vibration / frequency of planet Earth. Just in case you are unfamiliar with this concept, I have included the following quote from:-
    “Schumann Resonances, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity” by Neil Cherry, Environmental Management and Design Division Lincoln University, Canterbury New Zealand 9/8/2001:-
    “Schumann Resonance Signal (SR):
    The SR phenomenon was first conceived and proposed by German physicist Dr W.O. Schumann, Schumann (1952). The existence of the signals was confirmed by measurements in the mid-1950’s, Schumann and König (1954), Polk (1982). The SR signal is a globally available ULF/ELF signal that has been generated since the ionosphere was formed and thunderstorms have existed. Hence they pre-date animal evolution on earth.

    Resonant absorption of an oscillating signal is a classical physics phenomena used to detect extremely weak signals with particular frequency matching characteristics, even in the presence strong static fields and other oscillating fields. This is used in the telecommunication systems. It is also used for vital biological telecommunication in brain- to-cell and cell-to-cell communication that is necessary to maintain healthy homeostatic relationships. The SR signal also has diurnal and seasonal variations in parallel with the local sunlight Zeitgeber. It persists through cloudy periods and during Arctic and Antarctic dark winters.”

    Click to access cherry_schumann_resonances.pdf

    I did not find it at all surprising that our own EEG brainwaves also operate at frequencies that match the Schumann Resonance peak amplitude frequencies.

    Having studied music / audio electronic syntheses, and built a large modular synthesiser, in my twenties, I am well aware what additive synthesis does to wave forms. The types of wave forms that have the most harmonics are square / pulse wave.

    I am assuming that all mobile / wireless signals are, square / pulse wave as in digital communications (although I have not put an oscilloscope across the antenna of any such devices). These waveforms would have / be generating many, much higher frequency harmonics for each of the pulses in every byte of the digital waveform that would make up the wireless data stream. While there may be some sort of modulation applied at higher bandwidths, I have no knowledge of them and have therefore not considered them, although they may be worthy of consideration also.

    Somewhere in the gigabytes of research that I have done (in trying to stop a tower invasion in our area), I did, I think, come across something about the frequency of our DNA double helix is around 6GHz (I stand under correction here).

    We already know from the ACMA document entitled “Australian radiofrequency spectrum – allocations chart” available at that there is a large chunk of Mobile bandwidth allocated from 5.85GHz to up to 8.5GHz, albeit in different chunks and some of them for mobile to- and from satellite. There are even mobile bandwidth allocations in the 95GHz range – the very same range as the already weaponised 95GHz of the DARPA Active Denial System.

    After all of the above, it is now question time, whew!!! 😉

    1.) If one accepts the Schumann Resonances as fact, (and I do, having first gained some knowledge of them over 40 years ago) and one applies external base frequencies many orders of magnitude higher than these natural frequencies as a constant additive overlay, (disregarding the higher frequency harmonics generated or any signal modulation techniques used), would the overall effect be beneficial to DNA that evolved in a state of Resonant absorption with much lower frequencies?

    2.) What would the effect be if one applies external base frequencies many orders of magnitude higher than these natural frequencies as a constant additive overlay to our own EEG brainwaves?

    3.) If the long-term effect of such frequencies as are currently available and those coming in the future is indeed cumulative, then is exposing oneself constantly to EMR, wise?

    4.) What will the Resonant absorption of these new and modified waveforms and frequencies be on all Life on our our only home planet?

    5.) I must ask you Sir, to please refrain from exposing yourself constantly to EMR purely from the possibly selfish perspective of contributing, in some small way, to preserving the wonderful resource that exists between your ears for as long as possible, in a state of health and vitality. This is so that you may continue the good work that you do in disseminating the True science about this toxic pollutant, long into the future.

    I am sure that there are alternatives to using your phone as a wireless modem. I am sure that there must be wireless modems that can utilise an externally mounted antenna, bringing the signal via antenna cable into the modem and then using cabled connections from there to the workstations. It would be wise to then use the modem management (usually a web based interface) to disable any wireless functionality until required to update devices without Ethernet ports such as mobiles, tablets etc., and then disabling it ASAP.

    I do not know what sort of modems are available in your area, but the likes of Cisco or HP may have something like that, and, although more expensive than many others, I am sure it could be written off as a business expense as well, while hopefully preserving your long-term health and well-being.

    I look forward to your response.

    Much strength to you in your efforts.

    Thanks and kind regards


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