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Newsletter #3
April 24th, 2023
Dear all,
Time flies and opportunities multiply in the DIM's network. Don't miss out the chance to attend for free the exclusive Gene and Cell Therapy Bioproduction course of ESACT in Spain, and to apply to our PhD and equipement calls which are still open until late May!
And for those of you interested in science popularisation (everyone should be), meet us on May 26th for the Festival Double Science!
Read below for more details.
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DIM news
Apply to our PhD call
If you have a brilliant PhD candidate to work on a project related to biotherapy, bioproduction or synthetic biology for health, do not hesitate to apply until May 31st to our PhD fellowship call!
Learn more and apply
Entrepreneurship training
Are you interested in getting the ultimate 5-days training on everything you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur?

Let us know
DEADLINE APPROACHING - 3rd Bioprocessing and Manufacturing of Gene and Cell Therapy Products Course: attend for free
The DIM will sponsor up to 5 participants (for a value of 1000€ per ticket) to this cutting-edge course held in Spain on Sept 24-28, 2023, and organised by the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT).
This course is intended for Ph.D. students, post-docs, junior scientists, engineers and clinicians searching to improve their understanding of the development and manufacturing of gene and cell therapy products.
Find out more and apply
Attend the Festival of science popularisation
Do you want to learn more about scientific communication and science popularisation? So you want to attend a rich program of events and workshops to help integrate the public in your research? Then search no more! See you at Ground Control (Paris 12) on May 26th!
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Our 2023 equipment call is still open
We will finance small to medium equipment for labs working in biotherapy or bioproduction. The call is open until May 22nd.
Find out more and apply
What is a biofoundry and why should you care?
One of the main projects of BioConvS is the development of the first Biofoundry in France - and the first green biofoundry in the world! Read all about how this project could change the way we plan and execute experiments, and how you can profit from it.
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Other calls that you could find useful
Don't hesitate to follow Medicen Paris Région, competitivity hub of the Région Ile-de-France, whom you can contact for help if you wish to apply.
i-Demo Régionalisé
supports experimental development projects and of industrial innovation, ambitious and supported by SMEs, ETIs and GEs in connection with academic research
Up to 2M€ in aid intended to promote the emergence and development of places of major innovation or of regional interest. Only until May 15th!
to catalyze and maintain excellence in biotherapy research by accelerating technology transfer and innovations, from the bench to the patient's bedside.
SESAME Filière
for the structuring of strategic Ile-de-France sectors and the development of technological platforms open to SMEs/ETIs. Only until May 15th!
This mechanism supports the development of very innovative products or services with high added value, in order to strengthen the French scientific and technological base.
France 2030 «Première Usine»
The expected projects consist of setting up pilot sites and/or industrial production, intended to market innovative products. The expected budget should be >5M€
Industrialisation et Capacités Santé 2030
This call aims to support industrialization projects in the sectors of biotherapy and bioproduction of innovative therapies, the fight against emerging infectious diseases and CBRN threats, and medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices.
Innovations biothérapies bioproduction
This call supports projects developing new biotherapies, R&D tools for the development of biotherapies, new bioproduction processes or bioproduction optimisation tools
Job offers corner
A postdoctoral position at ENS (PASTEUR) and Université Paris Cité (MSC Med) is available on Flippable Liposomes.
The goal of the project is to design and characterize a proteo-liposome that could be thermally switch to inverse the curvature. These liposomes and proteins of interest are prepared by a third partner of the project (IBPC, Paris) by bacterial engineering. The successful candidate will have to prepare giant unilamellar vesicles, and implement micropipette experiments and nanotube pulling to assess the curvature preference of the proteo-liposome as a function of the temperature. The recruited candidate would have to work in collaboration between the two lab (located in the same Paris center area). Candidate Requirements: The candidate should be highly-motivated, with a PhD in Biochemistry or Biophysic. Competences in colloid science and/or soft matter, biophysics, biochemistry are welcome. Background in light microscopy is appreciated but not compulsory. The candidate must be creative, have good communication skills in English, and demonstrate capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment. Applicants should send their CV, a cover letter and at least one reference to Christophe Tribet ( ) and Stéphanie Mangenot (
Recent publications
Do you want to see your paper featured in our next newlsetter? Write to

Lorenzini, B., Peltzer, J., Goulinet, S., Rival, B., Lataillade, J.-J., Uzan, G., Banzet, S., Mauduit, P., 2023. Producing vesicle-free cell culture additive for human cells extracellular vesicles manufacturing. Journal of Controlled Release 355, 501–514.
Ducloyer, J.-B., Pichard, V., Mevel, M., Galy, A., Lefevre, G.M., Brument, N., Alvarez-Dorta, D., Deniaud, D., Mendes-Madeira, A., Libeau, L., Le Guiner, C., Cronin, T., Adjali, O., Weber, M., Le Meur, G., 2023. Intravitreal air tamponade after AAV2 subretinal injection modifies retinal EGFP distribution. Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development 28, 387–393.
Pouzet, S., Banderas, A., Le Bec, M., Lautier, T., Truan, G., Hersen, P., 2020. The Promise of Optogenetics for Bioproduction: Dynamic Control Strategies and Scale-Up Instruments. Bioengineering 7, 151.
Prasad, K., Cross, R.S., Jenkins, M.R., n.d. Synthetic biology, genetic circuits and machine learning: a new age of cancer therapy. Molecular Oncology n/a.
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