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Newsletter #2
March 8th, 2023
Dear {Name},
it's an exciting time to be in our network! Our first postdoc fellowship call is about to close, our first equipment call is opening and a PhD fellowship call is in the making. We are also diving in the deep of our structuring projects, the collective intelligence digital platform and the distributed biofoundry. Find out everything in the email below and remember to forward this email to your contacts, especially young researchers!
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DIM news
I'm currently experiencing a serious issue with my e-mail,, which has been down since Feb 28th. If you wrote me there in the last week, I never received your message. While I'm trying to solve the issue, please contact me through my backup address
Postdoc fellowships call ends on March 13th
Only few days left to apply! The call will fund three 2-year fellowships in the field of synthetic biology for health.
Find out more and apply
Our 2023 equipment call is open!
We will finance small to medium equipment for labs working in biotherapy or bioproduction. The call is open until May 22nd.
Find out more and apply
Call for volunteers!
One of the main projects of our DIM is to develop a digital platform that can help researchers in our community to find collaborations, share expertise and skills, find funding opportunities and much more. We're looking for DIM members who'd like to give their input to the design of the platform!
Read more and participate
TRAININGS - 3rd Bioprocessing and Manufacturing of Gene and Cell Therapy Products Course: attend for free
The DIM will sponsor up to 5 participants (for a value of 1000€ per ticket) to this cutting-edge course held in Spain on Sept 24-28, 2023, and organised by the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT).
 This course is intended for Ph.D. students, post-docs, junior scientists, engineers and clinicians searching to improve their understanding of the development and manufacturing of gene and cell therapy products.
Find out more and apply
The call for the PRPhD 2023 programme is open
Testimonial: my first steps in innovation
Read about the experience of two academic researchers taking their first steps into the world of innovation
Other calls that you could find useful
Don't hesitate to follow Medicen Paris Région, competitivity hub of the Région Ile-de-France, whom you can contact for help if you wish to apply.
i-Demo Régionalisé
supports experimental development projects and of industrial innovation, ambitious and supported by SMEs, ETIs and GEs in connection with academic research
Up to 2M€ in aid intended to promote the emergence and development of places of major innovation or of regional interest.
to catalyze and maintain excellence in biotherapy research by accelerating technology transfer and innovations, from the bench to the patient's bedside.
SESAME Filière
for the structuring of strategic Ile-de-France sectors and the development of technological platforms open to SMEs/ETIs
This mechanism supports the development of very innovative products or services with high added value, in order to strengthen the French scientific and technological base.
France 2030 «Première Usine»
The expected projects consist of setting up pilot sites and/or industrial production, intended to market innovative products. The expected budget should be >5M€
Recherche Hospitalo-Universitaire en Santé
The expected projects must have a strong potential for rapid transfer to the practice of care or industrial production and must be carried out by teams located in a health establishment.
Industrialisation et Capacités Santé 2030
This call aims to support industrialization projects in the sectors of biotherapy and bioproduction of innovative therapies, the fight against emerging infectious diseases and CBRN threats, and medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices.
Recent publications
Do you want to see your paper featured in our next newlsetter? Write to

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Tesson, F. & Bernheim, A. Synergy and regulation of antiphage systems: toward the existence of a bacterial immune system? Current Opinion in Microbiology 71, 102238 (2023).
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